The Transformation of Car Radio

The emerging technology in the field of communication has led to a major transformation in the car radio. While the humble radio poste autoradio bluetooth 2 din online was having AM/MW and FM reception, the newer trends have compelled the automobile industry to install radios that support high-quality digital transmission formats, such as the DAB/DAB+, HD Radio and Internet Radio. By the end of 2015, almost more than 90 percent of the Europeans cars have been fitted with radio supporting the digital radio format. While the market is bending towards streaming audio in car radios, there is also a viewpoint that the evolution of smartphone technology will make it tough for the manufacturers to select a technology for the transformation. Hence, many manufacturers leave that to the smartphone manufacturers to handle. The old technology might seem to be dying but not with car radios as FM is still the most popular radio source in the whole of Europe Right now, the car radio supports both the old AM/MW and FM platform and also, the DAB/DAB+, HD Radio and streaming audio reception.